Unusual salads: with an original taste and look

Project description

Agronomia launches a new range of salads which revives the pleasure of eating light: three exclusive recipes for true gourmets, designed to be eaten away from home. The branding project for the range focused on bringing out the creative flair and convenient format of the product. Hence the name Gourmé, which is a blend of the word “gourmet” and the personal pronoun “me”, to underline the single portion size, but also to highlight a sense of self-indulgence in a moment dedicated to oneself. The logo simplifies this dual reading by separating the lettering graphically, and underlines the wholesomeness of the ingredients with a fresh “green” accent.

At the same time, the shape design of the bowl is inspired by the silhouette of a leaf, like the shapes that visually organise the information present at the top. The salad, the dry ingredients, the dressing and the fork and napkin kit are all positioned elegantly and rationally inside the package, highlighting only what needs to be brought to the target’s attention.The naming study was also extended to the product names, which identify the various salads by their defining ingredients.


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