The Pomì heritage with an extra +

Project description

Pomì began advertising again to launch a new passata of tomato with a unique functional benefit: 50% more lycopene. The agency developed a branding project with a dual goal: to underline the innovative nature of the product and to reaffirm the tradition of the Pomì brand. For this reason, the guidelines followed in the naming study, the payoff and the Pomì L+ logo were simplicity, effectiveness and respect of the family feeling: the result is a brand identity that expresses the concept that “more than this, only Pomì” in all its forms. The Pomì L+ pack also stands out for its distinctive graphics: a completely sleeved label which suggests the product’s high content of well-being, thanks to the use of white and its clean lines.

The communications tools developed to support the launch include POS materials (tray and self-standing display) and a trade folder, as well as the presentation packaging of vehicles. But Pomì L+ is not a simple passata, but the fruit of a philosophy of healthy eating that deserved to be certified: and so “La Coltura del Benessere Pomì” was born, the seal that certifies Boschi Food & Beverage’s commitment to research.


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