The Italian coffee conquers America

Skills Shape Design & Packaging Studies
Brands and clients Lavazza
Industries Food
Project description

In late 2012 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - the leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers - in collaboration with Lavazza - the brand that is synonym with Italian coffee across the world - launched the "Keurig Rivo" Cappuccino & Latte brewing system. This new brewing system brought together the simple technology of Keurig capsules and the authentic taste of Italy’s favorite coffee, Lavazza. It also marked the debut of Green Mountain in the sector of espresso, cappuccino and latte makers on the US market.
Ineditha developed the creative concept and graphics of the 4 packs.
The key visual sums up in a handful of picture frames the all-Italian origin of the coffee brews, the life-style, the flavor and the pleasure of real Italian espresso.


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